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Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

Beijing Xinjiu International Consulting Co., Ltd.
Date of Establishment:2015/2/2

We provide a range of translation services for the commercial events of our China clients. In addition, we are strengthening our translation network in China. Beijing Xinjiu International Consulting Co., Ltd. was established in February 2005.

We have accumulated years of concrete results and experience in the translation industry. By making full use of talent resources proficient in various industrial technology fields, we strive to optimize quality, price and speed and provide customers with satisfactory quality translation services. We will strive to live up to expectations.

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Technical Translation

Our company's translation services are adept at handling a variety of professional fields.
Other Translation: website content, games, cartoons, comics, and novels, etc.


Experienced English, Japanese, and Chinese language interpreters
Provide professional simultaneous interpretation and delivery services such as on-site technical exchanges.

Machine Translation

Human modification of the translation documents following a Machine Translation procedure offers greatly improved work efficiency.
Moreover, the modified data is used to train the AI, meaning that repeated use leads to more accurate, optimized results.

DTP Typesetting

Xinmei Luyao Information Technology Co., Ltd., is a professional typesetting company that provides all kinds of typesetting services.
The company provides a one-stop service for customers for post translation typesetting, printing and printing delivery, text and subtitles addition to video files and other recordings.