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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are listed common queries from our clients

What is translation?

Translation is the process of translating a relatively unfamiliar form of expression into one that is more familiar. The type of content that requires translation includes: languages, words, figures and symbols. It also covers translation and interpretation.

How long will this translation take?

The length of time needed for a translation is influenced by the difficulty of the source text, the document format (whether it can be edited), and the clarity of the text. Usually, the workload of one translator per eight hour working day is between 4000 - 5000 Chinese characters, which is roughly equivalent to 6-8 pages of A4 paper.

How are translation fees calculated?

The cost of a translation project is dependent on the difficulty and format (editable or not) of the source document, and the clarity of the source document text. Our company will provide an accurate quotation following evaluation of the submitted text.

How should documents for translation be submitted?

Microsoft Word documents can be submitted directly by e-mail. Please consult with us for documents over 20MB in size. If only a paper copy of the source document exists, then that can be scanned and then submitted by e-mail or posted to our offices.

How to deliver the translation?

We endeavor to submit documents in accordance with the requirements of our clients. Documents can be delivered by traditional mail. In the absence of special requirements, our staff will reply and deliver to a specified e-mail address. Please contact our staff about any special requirements.

Is there any way to control the cost of this project?

The cost of a translation project is calculated by its total word count. Removing unnecessary content is an easy way to reduce the total cost of the project. Duplicated sections of the source text can be marked out in advance as only needing to be translated once. In addition, another viable method to reduce costs is to choose different grades of translators based on the requirements of the translation.

I have a project that requires urgent translation, what should I do?

Please contact us at the earliest possible opportunity if you require express translation services.
To speed up a project, multiple translators can be simultaneously assigned based on the word count, document type, and nature of the source text. Please contact our staff for a specific plan.

Do you accept proofreading work?

We ensure that projects undergo proofreading following translation. Based on the completion rate of translation, proofreading fees are charged at 50%-100% of translation fee. Please contact our staff for specific information.

Do you have translation fees discount mechanisms?

Based on the nature of the source document, we can offer various discount plans for our customers. If the content is highly specialized or a quote difficult to estimate, please send the original and inquire staff.

Can I find out more about the translator?

For privacy reasons, the names and contact details of our translators are not available. If a translator provides prior permission, we can provide a simple overview of the translator's experience.