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Intimate Service

1. For emergency projects, we will verify the customer's requirements by telephone or e-mail, then offer a prompt quotation.
2. Beijing Xinjiu International Consulting Co., Ltd. has broken the traditional translation industry service model. For inquiries from customers within the Fifth Ring Road, we can visit on the same day to verify the customer's requirements and provide most appropriate solution.
3. While providing translation services, Beijing Xinjiu International Consulting Co., Ltd. provides one-stop services for translation, typesetting, printing, and video subtitle editing. We are responsible for project management and quality control.
4. Outstanding, meticulous workflows

The business procedure from quotation to delivery

1) Accept project and provide quotation

Confirm receipt of the source document requiring translation by telephone and e-mail.

2) Confirm the content of the source document and provide a quotation.

Quotation following confirmation of the content of the source document, the type of translation, document format, and project duration.

3) Accept and start the translation project.

After formally accepting the client's project, the most suitable translator is selected to launch the translation process.

4) Project assigned to translator.

Customers can also specify translators (schedule dependent).

In order to maintain the linguistic and stylistic unity across manuscripts, it is advised that the same translator be engaged in across the entire project.

5) Quality control (QAS)

Quality control personnel review and correct documents carefully to improve document quality.

6) Project delivery

Deliver the manuscript in the manner specified by the client.

7) File management and summary

Delete files according to the requirements and organize specialist terminology.