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Patent Translation

Main translation fields: semiconductors, LCDs, optics, recording media, electricity, communications, computers, electronics, encryption systems, image processing, automotive, mechanical, steel, nonferrous metal, metallurgy, new materials, superconductors, air conditioning, medical equipment, medicine, chemistry, biotechnology, and nanotechnology.

Manuscript types: patent specifications, priority instruction, patent bulletin, patent license contract, intermediate processing materials (opinion book, defense, addendum, notice of reason for refusal, etc.), technical materials, proofreading and reverse translation of patent application instructions in China.

Medical translation

Main translation fields: GLP, GCP, CMC, GMP, application documents, security information, pharmaceutical instructions, documentation pertaining to medical equipment, pesticides, veterinary medicine, cosmetics, etc.

Manuscript types: medical papers, various experiment reports, clinical trial plans, comprehensive clinical reports, CIOMS, PSUR, documents pertaining to market impact, pharmaceutical instruction booklets, verification plans/reports, medical equipment usage instruction booklets, pesticides· veterinary medicine · and cosmetics.

Industrial Translation

Main translation fields: automotive, electric motor, electronics, environmental, mechanical equipment, computer software, architecture, construction, communication instruments, networking, semiconductors, materials, raw materials, machinery, chemistry, energy, logistics, nautical, aviation, specification standards, quality inspections, related legal documents, contracts, and natural sciences.

Manuscript types: instruction manuals, usage manuals, specification documents, business proposals, contract, product catalogues, company introductions. Product introductions, MSDS, SOP, webpages, business plans, reference manuals, presentation materials, speech drafts, and news releases.

Financial Translation

Main translation fields: stocks, creditor’s rights, remittances, trust investments, insurance, real estate, accounting and taxation, business operations, political and economic conditions, financial software, contracts, article of association, legal proceedings, promotional materials, and various commercial documentation.

Manuscript types: marketing reports, business reports, shareholders' meeting notice, final account texts, securities reports, investment plans, audit reports, annual reports, final account's explanation session materials, corporate introductions, regulations, institutional layout guides, records of proceedings, internal audit documentation, and market investigation reports.

Other Translation: website content, games, cartoons, comics, and novels, etc.